There is much need for social services information, again, complicated by language access, immigration status, concern about deeming, e.g. whether one qualifies for MediCal, Food Stamps, WIC program, SSI, CAPI, and SDI.

-Donna Jung, MS


The "Giving Voice Gallery" provides a forum for AHS patients, community members, and staff to highlight the importance of equal access to health care services. The stories illustrate the barriers our patients face and the real difference made by affordable health care services delivered with attention to language and culture.

Basic Health Plan
By Ngoc Huong Thi Tran

I am 60 years old and live alone. I came to the United States in 1996... read more


Filipinos Face Many Challenges
by Alma Olaguer

Although my position is Manager of AHS' Billing Department, for the last 17 years I have been assisting Filipino patients who encounter problems with program benefits and eligibility for... read more

Making communication clear
by Inday Cascarino

After 17 years at AHS, I know miscommunication easily takes place with Filipino patients who "speak English" when an interpreter is not utilized. Filipinos have a hard time understanding English spoken by non-Filipinos, whether American... read more


Dream job helps many at risk
by Somnang Seng

I started my work at Asian Health Services as an intern. My internship was not the typical internship, since I was involved in two programs. A typical week of my internship consisted of Wednesday and Fridays at... read more

Guidance key to navigating complex health care system
by Stella Han

Patients who come to AHS face challenges in getting medical care, which include not speaking English, lacking health insurance, and being unfamiliar with the U.S. system. In working towards overcoming these barriers... read more


AHS is here to help you
by Tiffany Pham

Have you ever wondered which hospital has the best technology and talented and passionate staffs in the area that you are looking for advancing your and your family's health care? We, Asian Health Services, are here to help you. In AHS, we expect that our patients... read more

Health insurance can be key to survival
by Alisha Nga Tran

Approximately 11 years ago, my husband experienced a frightening heart attack while at work. Within minutes, he was rushed to the hospital and underwent a triple bypass surgery. My family and I were very relieved that the doctors were able to help him recover from this traumatic experience. Fortunately, my husband had health insurance... read more


by Christina Ng, MD

Ling was a young Chinese woman who came to our clinic for prenatal care just four months after immigrating to the United States. Like many of our patients, she came straight from a rural farming village where traditional herbal medicine... read more

AHS provides understanding, comfort for immigrants
by Jing Liu, RD

Twenty years ago, I was a student in elementary school, my dad was a Chinese restaurant worker, and my mom was a sewing company worker. I used to take a day off from school every time my parents needed to get their blood drawn and get ... read more


A chance to serve the community
by Sophalla Touch

I'm a Cambodian who immigrated to the United States. I am lucky to have a job at Asian Health Services. As a Cambodian interpreter I'm proud to serve my community - my own nationality that is so quiet and polite. Every day, if I can serve... read more

Labor Coach program fulfills crucial need
by Thuy Quan

AHS serves over 300 pregnant women from several Asian ethnicities, the majority of whom speak little to no English. Due to the lack of sufficient interpretation at many East Bay hospitals, it is a constant challenge to provide linguistically... read more