Asian Health Services Mission: To serve and advocate for the immigrant and refugee Asian community regarding its health rights and to assure access to health care services regardless of income, insurance status, immigration status, language or culture.

Clinical Rotations

Medical students, residents, and nurse practitioner students are welcome to apply for a clinical rotation at AHS. We are staffed by physicians who are dedicated to teaching primary care medicine, many of whom are on UCSF faculty as Clinical Instructors.

Preference is given to students fluent in an Asian language and in upper-level training. We try to accommodate all requests, but are limited by language fit and capacity of available preceptors. All interested students are encouraged to submit an application, resume, and any questions by e-mail to: If granted a rotation, students are then required to submit the following documentation and attend an orientation with HR prior to the start date.

An Affiliation Agreement (or equivalent) must be executed between the medical school/residency program or mid-level program and Asian Health Services.

- MD/DO Student & Resident Clinical Rotation Application

- Mid-Level Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotation Application

- Health Clearance Form

Required Documentation

- Health Clearance Form signed by the examining licensed clinician

- Documentation of immunizations, TB exposure, flu vaccine

- Copy of social security card

- Proof of eligibility of employment according to the Board for Homeland Security, such as a US passport or Resident Alien card (for medical residents only)

- Driver's license

- Proof of malpractice insurance and general liability from medical school or residency/mid-level program