Because the trust is there, and the belief is there, Asian Health Services is like a family, and I know they can provide the best care for me.

- Lin Oy Wong,
AHS patient

AHS offers clinical services for all ages.
In fact, many AHS patients start as pediatric patients and continue their care at AHS throughout adulthood.


  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Case management - When patients need more than a visit with a physician
  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services
  • Drop-In Urgent Care - to provide health care when needed and reduce ER visits
  • Onsite Interpretation in over 10 Asian languages/dialects including Cantonese, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Mandarin, Mien, Mongolian, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese
  • Member Services - We believe in health care coverage, not just health care. We make sure every eligible family is enrolled into a health care program
  • Patient Navigators - Guides who can help patients from enrollment to patient check in and check out
  • Radiology (Diagnostic X-Rays only)
  • Referrals to AHS Dental Clinic, as appropriate

Life Cycle Services

AHS' strives to provide caring and competent prenatal and postpartum care for mothers-to-be through its Perinatal Program.

Starting from birth, parents can be assured of the most sensitive, comprehensive care for their children at AHS.

AHS providers work to help adolescents make the best health and life choices as they navigate the difficult teenage years.

AHS works hard to help patients lead healthy, active and full lives.

Older patients can be assured of compassionate, quality care and services at AHS and AMSHO.

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