Services in my language make my experience at Asian Health Services good.

- Bi Fang Tan

Mongolian Community

A newly emerging community - the Monoglian community - is estimated at 5000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. AHS presented a recently completed Mongolian community profile and health needs assessment at a community forum. To learn more...

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HIV/AIDS Program

Asian Health Services' HIV/AIDS Program is open to AHS patients and non-patients. Free, confidential HIV testing and counseling by state certified HIV counselor is available by calling (510) 986-6830 ext. 371, or send an email to testing@ahschc.org

Patient Leadership Councils

AHS created Patient Leadership Councils to train volunteer advocates to promote health education and advocate for their communities. PLCs provide important feedback to AHS, as well as the foundation to develop leadership skills for community and civic engagement.

Community Based Research Project

AHS collaborates with the Northern California Cancer Center on a research project on breast cancer risk profile of Vietnamese nail salon workers. AHS also hosts the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative .

Nutrition and Counseling Program

The Nutrition Education and Counseling Program improves the health of patients with chronic disease through providing support for self-management and increasing healthy nutrition practices. The three components of the program are individual counseling sessions, group education workshops and community education and outreach.

HIV and AIDS Services

Free confidential rapid oral HIV testing and counseling available. Clinical services emphasize an early intervention approach to HIV care. Outreach and education programs conducted in the East Bay. Individualized coaching sessions are available for MSM to assess their risk and provide practical support to reduce their risk.

Language and Cultural Access Program

The Language and Cultural Access Program (LCAP) was developed to reduce language barriers that non-English speakers face within the health care system. LCAP provides on-site interpreting services, written translation services, health care interpretation training, multilingual focus group services, technical assistance on language access issues, and rental of simultaneous interpreting equipment.
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or for additional information,call (510) 986-1153.

Labor Coach Program

Each mother-to-be is matched with a labor coach who provides support and interpretation during labor and delivery. The program also offers prenatal education classes taught by bilingual health educators.

Community Liaison Unit

The Community Liaison Unit promotes awareness to low-income immigrants and refugees in the community about their rights to health care services and resources, health promotion and disease prevention.